Emily Osment in “Dadnapped”


Dadnapped  starring Emily Osment of “Hanna Montana”, is a Disney Channel Original Movie slated to air in October 2008.

Melissa Hamilton (Emily Osment) is an ordinary fifteen-year-old girl, except for the small fact that her father (George Newbern) wrote a best-selling novel about a female teenage super spy. Melissa has always felt something of rivalry against the fictional character that competes for her father’s attention, but when her father is kidnapped by obsessed fans, Melissa has to channel her fictional rival so she can rescue her dad.


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“Soccer Mom” staring Emily Osment

Soccer Mom (also known as Wendy the Soccer Mom) is a 2008 film directed by Gregory McClatchy. 

A compulsive soccer mom, Wendy (Missi Pyle) diguised as an italian soccer star, is hired to coach her daughter, Becca’s (Emily Osment) floundering soccer team. She struggles frantically to keep her wacky masquerade going long enough to see Becca and her friends win the big soccer tournament.


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