Moises Arias is in “Beethoven:The Reel Story”

Moises Arias from “Hanna Montana” will be starring in Beethoven:  The Reel Story.

A down on his luck single father, and dog trainer named Eddie ends up with the large but lovable St. Bernard who during a fluke movie audition flies the dog to stardom. During this time a group of sinister crooks try dognap Beethoven for a ransom.

Fifth sequel to the 1992 film Beethoven. It was released in 2003. It will be followed in 2008 by Beethoven: The Reel Story.


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Jake T. Austin and Moises Arias in “The Perfect Game”

The Perfect Game is a 2008 film about a group of boys from Monterrey, Mexico, who became the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series. It is based on a true story and is currently in post-production.


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