Orlando Brown Turns Up, Apologizes for Disappearance

Orlando Brown of TV’s That’s So Raven, who worried friends and family after he disappeared Tuesday morning, has turned up, saying he simply “needed to be alone.”

In a statement, Brown, 20, thanked fans for their support and apologized for not informing anyone of his whereabouts for over 24 hours.

Brown, who is a musician as well as an actor, said he dropped out of sight after a problem last week involving a scheduled performance at Club Tattoo in Los Angeles. After he incident, the statement said, he “felt a little lost and needed to get away.” Source

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“That’s So Raven” Orlando Brown Missing

That's So Raven star Orlando Brown Missing | Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown of TV’s That’s So Raven has been missing since early Tuesday morning.  The 20-year-old reportedly left his manager’s house around 10:20 a.m. to make a quick trip to 7-Eleven and has not been seen since. According to Brown’s publicist, Elayne Rivers, he had a full day of meetings and appointments in preparation for a photo shoot Wednesday.

Rivers adds that friends and family are very concerned, as the young actor is not one to be out of touch for long, and the convenience store was within a short walking distance from his manager’s home in Studio City.  Source

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